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Laga Handbags Launches Youtube Contest To Help Disaster Victims
2010-7-30 『close

Roy and Louise Van Broekhuizen are inviting their customers, affiliates, friends and fans to create a YouTube video and enter to win great prizes, all to help raise awareness for disaster victims.

The tsunami that hit Indonesia the day after Christmas, 2004, is old news in mainstream media, but to the many that still do not have homes, it is not old news, it is a continuing struggle.

Laga Handbags, founded by Roy and Louise Van Broekhuizen, exists to help survivors of the tsunami. Roy, who does not pay himself or his wife Louise a salary, said: “To be able to build better lives for these women is all we ever wanted to do."

In April, 2010, Laga Handbags were featured on Oprah. Their numbers have increased from their humble start with 12 women sewing handbags to 300 women happily changing their lives. Each handbag sewn and sold brings hope for a better tomorrow.
Roy and Louise invite you to show off your creative side and win prizes in return. Shoot a short video, or make a slideshow video using free online tools.

The ideas are endless. Show off your favorite Laga handbag, or your most adorable handbag model, share the Laga story in your words, or find your own unique and creative way to spread the word and you could win great prizes while helping victims of disaster to rebuild their lives.