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    Luggage & Bag 
   CD Bag     Bowling Bag     Incubator     Backpack
   Pet Case     Computer Bag     Fishing Bag     Lob Case    
   Toolbox     Work Package     Briefcase     Shopping Bag
    Beach Bag     Air Case     Cosmetic Case
    Police Package     Instrument Package     Traveling Bag
    Ladies’Handbag     Belt     Others     Wallet    Bicycle Box
    Video Camera Bag     Mobile Bag     Laptop Bag
    Scholl Bag     Digital Goods Bag     Evening Bags    
     Universal Manual Bag     Suit Cover     Suitcase
    Waist Pack     Medical Box     Infants Products Bag
Sports Bag     Gifts     Camera Bag     Jewelry Box
Bicycle Box
Materials & Accessories
Fabric     Synthesis     Truckle     Buckle     Zipper
Password Lock     Leather     Others     Handle
Plastic     Hardware     Fabric Tape
Molding Equipment     Blanking Equipment
Sewing Machine     Testing Equipment     Others
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